Secondary School Bursaries

Only 25% of Malawian children can afford the fees for secondary education. MACS currently provides twenty-eight bursaries for bright and hardworking students at either Malosa Secondary School or St Michael’s Girls’ Secondary School in Malindi who would otherwise be unable to attend. There are also Bishop Donald Arden bursaries for children of priests.

lindaFrom Linda
I have written this letter to thank you for your kindness. I really appreciate it.
If it was not for your support, I believe I would have dropped out of school because my parents could not afford to pay my fees. At first I was psychologically affected but since I found this bursary my life has changed and I am now able to concentrate on my studies.
Since this is my opportunity, I will use it wisely and I promise that I will continue working extra hard so that I can achieve my goals of becoming an engineer or a journalist. May God bless you abundantly.



kingslyFrom Kingsley
This bursary has brought me many achievements. Before I became a bursary holder my performance was poor. I used to come to school a month late as I had to find a piece of work to do in order to find part of school fees together with my parents. This really had an effect academically. Now, I am doing quite well, I am dedicated, hardworking and futurist because I am now free. My dream is to pursue medical studies or engineering.




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