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Medical Administrator's House Nkope

The Medical Administrators house at Nkope is nearly complete.  Inside it is all finished to a good standard. The builders are now constructing the dish drains. ... more

Goat Pass-on scheme

  Started in December the Goat Pass-on scheme at Misewe village has produced its first dividend.  This and every first kid born to the ten goats ... more

Secondary School Bursaries

Only 25% of Malawian children can afford the fees for secondary education. MACS currently provides twenty-eight bursaries for bright and hardworking students at ... more

Mothers' Union

These ladies tackle poverty and infirmity in their communities. Their song of joyful welcome to you will be heart-warming but more importantly the members of the ... more

Sponsor a bed

Do we buy petrol for the ambulance, more syringes and needles or pay the electricity bill? St Luke’s and St Martin’s Hospitals are always having to make ... more

3rd orthopaedic clinic at mangochi

There are 5000 children in Malawi with untreated club feet. Internationally renowned surgeon Steve Mannion and founder of Feet First Worldwide works regularly in ... more