Projects in Progress

  • Current Projects

    Double classroom block

    Training palliative care nurse

    Renewal of water system

    Medical assistants house

    Purchase of new washing machine

    Double classroom block with storeroom

    Teacher’s house

    Priest’s house

    Church roof

    Double classroom block

    Solar Power for theatre etc.

    Construction of eco-toilets and training

    Health Centre staff house renovation

    Church Roof

    Renovation of teachers houses

    Kawaza FP School

    Ndmoyo, Salima

    Nkope village complex

    Nkope health centre

    St Martin’s Hospital, Malindi

    St Peter’s Primary School, Dawa

    Magomero FP School


    St. Anna church, Chia, Chilipa

    Kayoyo Parish, Ntchisi

    St Luke’s Hospital, Malosa

    Samama Parish


    Bakasala, Linjidzi Parish

    St Peter & St Paul Primary, Mmangas DUS