2016-08-29-PHOTO-00000120In July a group of twelve MACS supporters worked alongside members of Nkope Hill Church Youth Group, village elders and the wonderfully enthusiastic Canon Tito Lezile, to create a working garden which will be used to teach and inspire villagers to grow a greater variety of their own food. Local permaculture expert Samuel Baluti led a five-day course which began with an inspiring visit to Kasankha, a village near Monkey Bay. There, both the groups from the UK and Nkope saw exactly how bare yards can be transformed into productive green gardens in just three months. We also saw the chickens that the MACS Group had purchased in June to enhance the productivity of the gardens through the use of the manure! Sam has a golden touch, not only with plants but also with people. He had all thirty of the combined groups working together in teams. Compost heaps were soon constructed, gardens designed, swales dug and countless seedlings and trees planted. Bucket after bucket of water was carried up from the lake each day, a hard task. It was hugely rewarding to leave behind a garden with fifteen inspired gardeners and on the last day we were able to purchase a treadle pump with funds raised by the MACS group. We spent a joyous morning fixing up the pump which brings water directly into the garden and smiles to faces. The group also funded a second course of another fifteen members of the Youth Group which has recently been completed.