learningbydoingThe Chilema Women’s Training course gives students a wide variety of skills during an intensive six-month residential programme. Some may not have had the benefit of secondary education and much of the course is practical. Each will grow their own patch of maize and rows of vegetables and will have made their own dress for graduation day. One recent graduate explained, “I am taking home knowledge; I feel able to stand on my own.” Chances of employment will be greater and they will not only be able to improve the nutrition, health and finances of their family but be an agent of change in their village community and enjoy a new self-reliance that unlocks the power of women in developing country.

Course topics include:

Agriculture                                        Tailoring and Fashion Design

Nutrition                                            Clothing and Textiles

Home Improvement                        English and Communication

Health and Sanitation                     Small Business Management

HIV/Aids Issues

MACS part-funds the fees of ten students on one of the two six-month courses per year who would not otherwise be able to enrol.