About MACS

aboutftMACS  has been working in Malawi since 1993, responding to requests for help. This lovely land is among the ten poorest countries in the world. MACS likes to work among the very poorest, who are to be found in the rural areas, to provide basic necessities that we, in the UK, take for granted.

Most of our spending is on education and healthcare. We build and repair classrooms, supply educational and sports equipment. We build houses that will enable a nurse, teacher or priest to take up a post in the village. We construct or repair churches that are often used throughout the week by the community. The four Anglican hospitals and their fourteen outlying health centres are always in need of supplies and equipment. We are involved in orphan care and water projects.

Just as important as the material things we provide are the seeds of change that we plant through funding training for volunteer pre-school teachers, skills training courses for women or information about permaculture that could bring a subsistence farmer not only enough food to feed his family through the hungry months but a surplus that will bring them access to healthcare and secondary education for their children.

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MACS Prayer

Generous God
We give you thanks that your love reaches to every part of your world.
Bless the people of Malawi.
Impart wisdom and integrity to those in authority.
Grant a rich harvest to all who hoe the fields and fish the lakes and rivers.
Give prosperity to merchants and traders that they may contribute to the development of the nation.
Bring freedom from hunger, and health care and education to all, especially the young.
And refresh our energy as we seek to support all who live and work in Malawi.